Business to Business Case Study:

Silcast North America


Paul Silander, President of Silcast North America came to us needing a web-site to showcase his top quality hand formed decorative castings to his expanding list of clients across North America. The site needs to offer powerful branding while maintaining a high level of functionality for communications with current and potential customers and wholesalers.


Buttonpusher created a visual brand for the front end of the web-site to entice new customers, designers, and wholesalers. The showcase area uses Flash technology to provide images of installations and work that Silcast has done for various clients across North America. The site steers clients to sign up and view the entire catalogue of products online. We also created an administration back-end for Silcast management to communicate with their designers and wholesalers, notifying them of new products, sales and other related news. Each time a designer or wholesaler login to the site, they are greeted with a welcome screen with news and information about current sales items.


The new site has helped increase business by 25%. The management team is able to keep communication lines and product information available to designers and wholesalers twenty-four hours a day. The branding that we created for Silcast has positioned the company as one of the premier producers of top quality hand formed decorative castings.


We provided strategic and creative planning in branding the web presence for Silcast. The site uses Flash, ASP with database, to maintain and manage communication with designers and wholesalers.

We produced all visual branding such as photography, copywriting, interface design, back-end, and database development.

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